How a Day at the Spa can Help you Take your Mind Off the Stresses of Divorce

How a Day at the Spa can Help you Take your Mind Off the Stresses of Divorce

by Andrea Leigh, May 22, 2018

By: Jordan Herring

When you are going through a divorce, you can face a lot of stress. Thinking about your next meeting with your Denver divorce attorney, the money you’re spending on the divorce, having to find a new place to live and adapt to a parenting plan while changing your lifestyle to become sustainable on one income can all be extremely stressful and cause your mental and physical health to suffer.

It’s important to make self-care part of your routine, especially when you are under the stresses that come with a divorce. One way to alleviate your stress is to visit a spa and enjoy the services offered.

Ways to Relax at the Spa

The services offered vary from spa to spa. Before visiting a spa, look on its website or call to find out what’s offered. Nearly every spa offers massages, but some might offer more types of massage than others. Some, primarily Korean-style spas, typically charge a daily rate for visitors who want to simply use the saunas and bathing facilities while other types of spa require visitors to purchase spa services.

A few ways you can relax at the spa include:

  • Massages;
  • Flotation in a float tank;
  • Skincare services;
  • Steam rooms and saunas;
  • Infrared sauna; and
  • Body treatments like seaweed and grapeseed oil wraps.

Benefits of Visiting the Spa

There are a lot of physical health benefits to the services you can enjoy at the spa. They include:

  • Massages reduce pain and muscle tension;
  • Increased bloodflow from vein dilation from spending time in a sauna. This can reduce blood pressure and relieve pain;
  • Improved joint flexibility, reduced pain, and circulation stimulation from spending time in a hot tub; and
  • Softer, tighter skin from undergoing body treatments.

All spa services also have the added benefit of reducing your stress level and making you feel relaxed.

Make Time for Yourself During and After your Divorce

Once the divorce process is over, your stress isn’t necessarily gone. Adjusting to the post-divorce life isn’t easy, especially if you’re facing some big departures like living in a new home or making child support payments. Without breaking the bank, find ways to continue your de-stressing routine. This might mean heading back to the spa on a monthly basis or doing your own spa treatments at home.

Book a Spa Service at A New Spirit Wellness Center

Rejuvenate your body and reorient your mind with a day at A New Spirit Wellness Center. We have a wide array of services that we offer, including massage, acupuncture, skincare treatments, and so much more. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn how we can help you take your mind off of your divorce.


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